Heritage Day

Martin 0 Comments Sept. 25, 2020

On the 24th of September each year, we gather to celebrate all the colours, languages, nations and traditions that are blended in our home, in South Africa. Heritage Day is such a special public holiday here. It was always one of the most beautiful for me personally.

Mama Africa nurtures diversity and unity. In the chaotic world of today, it is especially important to celebrate the beauty of different cultures. When everything is dividing us, distancing us from each other and the new “normal” is to be far from each other, Heritage Day seems to be more important than ever. South Africa is indeed unique in its colourfulness.

And our Variatas team is inspired by its colours. Our collections of party accessories are created based on our desire to help you make your event unforgettable. Because, when we celebrate, we do it right. We give our best to organize an event that reflects the beauty of what we are celebrating.

Our family business understands the importance of a good family celebration. It is not just another day of the year, just another birthday or another family lunch. When we all gather at the same table, when we share that meal, it is a ritual. It is the laughter and dance of our souls.

And is there a better way to fulfil the space than with amazing party creations to remind us all the time of the uniqueness of the moment? Even though our intention to have a beautiful celebration is enough to make the room filled with unique scents of love, it is always good to have a totem to remind us.

When we materialize what we are celebrating, we make it even more real. We bring it to life. Our team is here to help you with this process. Let’s blend our creative forces, find our niche and create an event that will be remembered forever. When you look at a photo of your celebration day, it shall be hard not to get emotional and to feel an undeniable warmth around your heart.

Many people are in the party accessories business, but what makes us different is our dedicated approach to each party. We care about it as if it is our own. We become a part of the story by working intimately with our clients on their visions and ideas.

Heritage day has reminded us of the importance of celebrating. Inspired by this wonderful holiday, we are inviting you to bring colour into each day, each moment. Make your life a celebration of diversity, unity and love.